The Basement Reef is a locally owned Aquarium and Houseplant retail shop. Specializing in hard to find saltwater and freshwater aquarium livestock and houseplants from around the world, as well as everything you need to get going in either hobby. Driven by a passion for Aquariums and Plants, The Basement Reef is a unique shopping experience in downtown Columbia.

Saltwater Livestock

Our Store was born from the desire of multiple Saltwater hobbyists to bring the store they’ve always wanted to see to the world. Healthy, medicated fish and sustainably-collected or captive-grown corals will be the biggest cornerstone of our store.

Freshwater, Too!!

While we are Saltwater hobbyists at heart, our passion goes well beyond that. We will always feature a rotating selection of our favorite freshwater fish and invertebrates, many locally bred!


That’s right, we not only carry all of your favorite aquaria critters but also a large variety of tropical houseplants, air plants, succulents, cacti, and even predatory plants. Hey, it’s all live art for your house, right?

Located just off of 10 St. in Wabash Alley, next to Fretboard Coffee and Wabash Station